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Common Lock Issues

Common Lock Issues
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Locks are a vital part of your home. They offer a layer of protection and security that the door itself may not. Unfortunately, like most mechanisms, locks do not always function perfectly one hundred percent of the time. Some days they may seem to get stuck more than others. The lock may eventually become permanently stuck and need to be replaced. Maybe the lock installation was improper and is causing the deadbolt to malfunction. Below you will find common lock issues that usually require residential locks repair.

What Causes Common Lock Issues

Common Lock IssuesWhen first installed, locks often work smoothly and seamlessly. Over time, the normal wear and tear of a lock or key begins to show and cause difficulties. The most common lock issues many homeowners and renters may face are as follows: sticky or stuck key or door lock, difficulty turning key, faulty lock, door or house settling, or warping. Sometimes these issues will require help from an emergency locksmith, especially if they cause a house lockout.

Now that we know what some of the common lock issues are, you may begin to wonder what causes these issues to occur. As you can see, many of the lock issues are more accurately issues with the keys themselves. Keys see a lot of daily use, and are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. We keep them in our pockets, wear them on a belt loop, or let them be jostled around in a large purse full of many other items. With all of the exposure to elements other than a lock, keys can begin to degrade or become sticky over time. If it is becoming too difficult to use the key in the lock, consider having the key replaced.

If the key is not the source of the problem, then the lock most likely has been damaged in some way. A faulty lock can happen when the wrong key has been entered in the lock or if the internal mechanism has become too worn. A lock may also malfunction if the house has settled or the door has warped, causing the door to change position and prevent the lock from turning. One of the most common reasons a lock has been damaged is when the wrong key is entered and forced to open the lock. At this point, lock change may be required, but some locks are still repairable. Not all new lock installations will solve a common lock issue, so be sure to review all lock repair solutions first.

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