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If you have questions about locks, which ones are best and how to choose new ones, read the following answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding everyone's security. Learn about ways to secure your property properly and which precautions you need to take in order for you to avoid intrusions

Why bolts get misaligned?

Deadbolts are inserted inside the little hole on the strike plate. If the cylinder is loose or broken and the strike plate is not in the right position, the bolt won't enter the hole. Such things are usually fixed with lock repairs unless there are broken parts in which case the lock must be replaced. Our technicians say that bolts will get misaligned when the door is not aligned either. So, watch out for the hinges, too.

If I fix other things in the house, why shouldn't I install locks?

You might be the best handyman in the world but if you are not a locksmith, it's best to avoid installing the new door locks. Lock installation is related to personal security and you can't afford to make any mistakes. Besides that, remember that each lock is installed differently and you cannot suddenly become an expert of all lock types. It's a risk to install it on your own.

I have a key that's marked "Do Not Duplicate." Can I get it copied?

Yes, but not without some restrictions. Although "Do Not Duplicate" is not a legally binding restriction, keys marked in this manner should only be duplicated after a reasonable effort has been made to verify that the actual owner of the key is the person making the request. Most locksmiths reserve the right to refuse to duplicate these keys if they feel there is a question about the ownership of the original key.

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